Creep5432's website (:

This website is where ill post some games and updates for the games I've made. I made lots over the years and I am very proud of all of them.

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Code Runners

Code Runners is a speedrun platformer where you try to get to the end as fast as possible. Once done, you can make a "Ghost" which others can race against.

As of July 23 2021: the game is out

2 Player Games [⚠️IN DEVELOPMENT!]

2 Player Games is a local offline multiplayer game. Simple controls using only one button to play. With a handful of mini-games, a color and hat customization for each player, and a freakin MAP EDITOR! Play with or against your friends in Versus and Co-op mini-games. Or practice with a computer in one player mode. (exept Keep Balance, the AI is too good) Play with a friend in Co-op mini-games and try to beat your high-score. How about customizing the speed? Game options are all decided by you. (Don’t play with people who don’t know what good rulesets are)

Hand-held Tanks

Hand-Held Tanks is the first online multiplayer game I made. Functioning controls similar to 2 Player Games, Hand-Held Tanks is a top down tank shooter where you move around, collecting power ups to make your tank stronger and shooting other tanks to kill them. With up to 8 players support, games will get chaotic if more than 4 people are playing.

Play Hand-held tanks here!


Originally Public Chat, but was rebranded to Campfire. Campfire is a social communication app. Similar to Discord, CampFire has a chatting lounge, direct messaging system, custom emotes, and more!

See CampFire's Updates!

Multiplayer Testing Grounds

This is an online multiplayer game made in Pocket Code! I'm very proud of this one mainly because there's very few people that managed to make this possible. This happened when I was able to code in PHP

However this led to someone plagarizing my work

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